Creating a Live Contribution

Once the AuthenticatedClient is created, you are almost ready to stream. But first you need to create a Live Contribution.

A LiveContribution object contains the information associated with your stream. Creating a Live Contribution on the Newzulu Live server allows you to describe the subject and location of your stream and also request the server to allocate the resources required to to receive, record and forward the video stream from your application.

Create request

To create a new Live Contribution, you use a LiveContribution.CreateRequest.

var request = LiveContribution.CreateRequest()
request.fields.title = "You won't guess what this developer is about to do"
request.fields.what = "Live test session, take #42"
request.fields.where = "Lyon, France"
request.fields.latitude = 45.7656250
request.fields.longitude = 4.8359375

let operation =
request.operation(with: authenticatedClient, queue: .main, onSuccess: { liveContribution in
    // The request succeeded. You want to keep a reference to that contribution to use it later for update or finish.
    contribution = liveContribution
}, onError: { error in
    // An error occurred.

On success, the request returns a LiveContribution object. You can now pass this object to a LiveRecorder.

Next step: start recording

Handling errors

If the request fails, a NewzuluError is passed to the onError block, which contains information about what went wrong. The error has a reason property that can be one of the following cases:

  • .networkFailure: A network error occurred and the SDK was unable to reach the remote server.
  • .wrongCredentials: The client used its credentials to authenticate prior to fetching the media but they're are not valid.
  • .serverFailure: The remote server encountered an error, you should try again later.
  • .invalidRepresentation: The response from the remote server cannot be understood.
  • .unknown: An unknown internal error occurred.

As NewzuluError is declared in the Newzulu Core framework, you need to import NewzuluCore in your source file when dealing with errors.